About Open Book

Isn’t technology great?

‘We’ll have to have a website,’ said a group of writers sitting in a pub in Chesterfield.

‘No problem at all,’ said the Internet and WordPress and modern telecommunications devices, and within a few moments, a website there was.

Open Book Writers Group was formed in 2009, and meets fortnightly in Chesterfield, Derbyshire (sorry, interested parties in Idaho, Missouri, Michigan, South Carolina, and around any of the other worthy Chesterfields out there).

The group is non-tutor-led, lively, friendly and welcoming to writers of all levels. Its members range from published authors to dabblers just giving it a go, with all members supporting each other through friendship and constructive criticism.  We welcome new folks, whether you be shy or vibrant, traditionally published, electronically published, or not published.  If you’re stuck on a particularly thorny writing difficulty (like how to begin ~ Kate Coldwind), or writing every week/day/month, writing poetry, prose, autobiography, writing about travel, science, history, reviews or anything else you can think of you’ll be welcome with us.  The first meeting is free to try us out and see what we’re like.

A little caution though: if you want to read out, please make sure that it’s appropriate for reading out in public spaces.  Write footloose and fancy free, but reading wise, we have to keep it clean.  Ta muchly.

You can send the group an e-mail by clicking on the ‘contact us’ fountain pen image in the sidebar on the left hand side.


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