Amanda Ashton



My pen name is Amanda Ashton, and I mainly write fantasy, but I have also dabbled with Sci-fi and now trying horror.  I also set up a blog to share my juggling act of getting my gorgeous son to school, do a 60 mile commute for my full-time job and for course write!

A bot more background information, I was born in the early 70’s and an only child, I have always been artistic and had a vivid imagination.  In 2000 I met my husband  and in 2009 we had a lovely son.

Writing since I can remember, I have a box in the attic full of stories finished and unfinished.  For  while I only wrote Sci-fi, but found myself drawn to fantasy.  More recently having spent years watching horror and having a thing for everything to do with werewolves, vampires and witches, I am looking at more horror based Fantasy.  With the digital age becoming more popular, the writing platforms have changed so I started my blog.  At first I had no idea what to do but as the years went by and our son got older, stories of everyday life came interesting to share.  This platform will also be used for extract of my other work.

As for my writing, I have a novel ready to go, I just have to find the agent that will take me on.  At the moment the only work I have in print is in the group’s anthology, but hat’s not going to be the end of it, and will get my novel into print to make my family even more proud of me.

Using the links below take a look at my blog and some samples of my work that are on this website.  Life for Amanda Ashton is never dull and over the next few years will only get more interesting.

My Blog:

Autumn Fling

Breaking all the Rules

White Dust



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