On 16th June, just two short days ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Rod Duncan for a workshop.  Rod’s work includes The Bullet Catchers Daughter, Unseemly Science and the third in the Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire Trilogy, Custodian of Wonders (forthcoming).  He lectures in creative writing at the University of Leicester, and is also known to do screenwriting.  You can find his website HERE and Twitter @RodDuncan.

All we have to say on the matter is: pie 😉

Ahem, no, there was a little more to it than that.  This was a writers workshop with a difference; we had been invited to send in any questions about writing that we had before the event, so the first part was absorbing the answers and discussing topics; everything from the use of social media to how to keep going when self-confidence wavers, from the etiquette of critique to the best ways to approach agents and what they look for commercially.

We even had Steven Poore from the SFSF come and join us from over the border in Sheffield.  Hullo lovely SFSF peeps *waves* ( you can follow their socials meetups on Twitter @SFSFSocial)

Needless to say we might have had quite a few initial questions, and then there were one or two clarifying questions, so what was planned as half an hour became a wonderful hour full of personal light bulb moments.

The second part was two writing exercises designed to quickly create an authentic sense of place, and different way of portraying secondary characters.  Notebooks at the ready!

Somehow it was all over too soon, so sadly we had to say goodbye, with exercises to practice and heads full of hints, tips and answers, we all headed home, counting stars and thanking goodness that we didn’t live in the Anglo-Scottish Republic…