The opening launch event for the Open Book Writers anthology went really well last night, superb readings from all the authors present, no-one tripped up stepping onto the stage, no-one fell off it (or crowdsurfed!), none of the audience members heckled or fell over in sugar-induced comas from the sweet treats provided, granted a few arrived late, but we did start on time and were even running five minutes early when we hit the mid-break.

The second half ran exactly to time, and we had some lovely complements afterwards with the public being impressed by the professionalism of an amateur group of local writers.  I was really proud of how well everyone read – no-one rushed and nerves might have been present, but didn’t show.  We even got the technology to work – the video and music presentation worked on the screen for before we started, the mid-break and afterwards, and the microphone didn’t have any pesky feedback whistles.  Nice non-messy pack-up afterwards, with time to talk to the lovely people who had paid for tickets.  It still feels like a milestone has been achieved.  I know that we’ll perform again as a group at further events, but the first time seems so important and I’m really happy that it went so well.

We’ll put some photos up soon!